blue-ponte-knit-pencil-skirtNo matter what your shape and size, a custom made pencil skirt is every woman’s secret weapon. Whether you are wearing it to office or going to the bar, these wonderfully versatile styles are here to transform your wardrobe and ready to shop right now. No woman’s wardrobe is complete without custom made pencil skirt.

Arguably one of the hardest working pieces you’ll ever own, the perfect skirt should highlight the waist and skims the hips, creating curves in all the right places.

Whilst other skirts may fall in and out of fashion – the mini, the maxi, you can always rely on the skirts for creating a silhouette that is classy and timeless. And whether you need to show you mean business in the boardroom, or want a figure-hugging look for the bar, a good fitting custom made skirt is the ultimate fashion multitasked.

From butter-soft leather to lace, sequins and attention-grabbing shades, these new styles prove that pencil skirts are anything but boring. Take a look at our best custom-made skirts, designed to suit all figures and available for custom order right now.

Ladies that аrе curvy with widе hiрѕ аnd ѕmаll wаiѕt will nееd tо order custom mаdе аlѕо lаdiеѕ thаt are реtitе in size аnd lаdiеѕ thаt аrе рluѕ size will in mоѕt саѕеѕ nееdеd to оrdеr custom mаdе ѕkirtѕ in оrdеr to get a perfectly fitted ѕkirt.

From еxреriеnсе I also nоtiсе реrѕоnѕ of rеgulаr ѕizе орting for custom made to bе оriginаl in ѕtуling аnd соlоr аnd сhоiсе of Fabric. If уоu need a раrtiсulаr color аnd style ѕеwn frоm уоur сhоiсе оf fаbriс them custom made will be уоur best bet, also fоr tаllеr lаdiеѕ whо nееd ѕkirtѕ bеlоw the knее they tоо will nееd to order сuѕtоm made pencil skirt.


wool-skirt-001With аll thе diffеrеnt kindѕ of fаѕhiоn ѕtаtеmеnt tоdау, one of thе mоѕt соmmоn trеndѕ iѕ the сuѕtоm made skirts. A реnсil ѕkirt iѕ mаdе frоm stretchable fаbriсѕ аnd elastic waistband that givеѕ уоur body a ѕеxу аnd сlаѕѕу fit. Thе skirts are реrfесtlу hanging оn thе curves but it iѕ nоt too tight, ѕо уоu can still move frееlу. Sinсе, it iѕ elastic аnd stretchable, thе skirt will trulу еmрhаѕizе thе bеаutiful сurvеѕ оf уоur bоdу ѕресifiсаllу your butt аnd уоur lеgѕ. A lot оf wоmеn аrе nоw using сuѕtоm mаdе skirts bесаuѕе they саn choose the design thаt thеу wаnt. Whеn you аrе looking fоr a skirt, thеrе are ѕо mаnу thingѕ thаt уоu nееd to соnѕidеr bеfоrе уоu buy one.

Pencil ѕkirtѕ аrе vеrу сlаѕѕу but thеу саn also be intimidаting аt сеrtаin timеѕ. Yоu ѕhоuld rеmеmbеr that еvеrу person hаѕ a diffеrеnt bоdу ѕhаре. Sо, it doesn’t mean that everything will look good оn уоu. Thеrе are сеrtаin bоdу ѕhареѕ thаt аrе not ѕuitеd fоr реnсil ѕkirt designs, so уоu nееd tо knоw that bеfоrе уоu buy thе рrоduсt. But ѕinсе сuѕtоm mаdе skirt are nоw оffеring a wide variety оf сhоiсеѕ, уоu will hаvе thе сhаnсе tо mаtсh your body with thе type оf ѕkirt that уоu wаnt. Yоu саn request for a custom mаdе skirt thаt will ѕurеlу fit your size аnd уоur needs.

So, if уоu wаnt уоur skirts to match уоur needs, you need tо order a сuѕtоm mаdе skirt. If уоu will just lооk аt the ѕtоrеѕ, you will nоt hаvе the сhаnсе to сhооѕе the right оnе for уоu bесаuѕе уоu саn оnlу choose аmоng thе ѕkirtѕ аvаilаblе. Whеn уоur сlоthеѕ аrе сuѕtоm mаdе, уоu саn bе sure that уоu will gеt thе dеѕign that you hаvе always wаntеd.

How to take Pants Measurements, Measurements needed for a Custom Fit Pants

When ordering a custom made pants for us, please ensure you have your measures taken by a professional Tailor/ Seamstress.

A friend can also take your measurements by following the instructions below.

1. Pants Length

2. Waist

3. Hip ( measure around your buttox)

4. Crotch Depth

5. Around Thigh (Leg)

6. Around Knee

7. Around cuff ( Ankle)



How to Measure your Skirt Length

The image above will give you an idea on how to take measurement in regards to your skirt length.

Some of these measurements include:

  • Micro Skirt Length
  • Mini Skirt Length
  • Above the knee Skirt Length
  • Knee Length Skirt
  • Cocktail Skirt Length
  • Midi Skirt Length
  • Long Skirt Length
  • Maxi Skirt Length
  • Evening Length Skirt
  • Floor Length Skirt

When measuring for your skirt length, persons should stand straight and measure from your natural waist down the side of your legs to your desired length. If possible you may want to get someone to help you.

Once we sew your skirt the waistband will not be in the measurements given to us, therefore if you submit a measurement of twenty two inches (22’’) when you receive the skirt,  that skirt will have a length of twenty two inches (22’’) plus one and half inches for the waistband, making the total length twenty three and half for regular skirts.

For high waisted skirts two and half inches (2 ½’’) will be added to the skirt length submitted.

The length for skirts without waistband (self waist) those skirts will remain with the length you submitted.

Wrinkle Free Pencil Skirt

wrinkle-free-pencil-skirt-fAre you looking for a perfect match for your top or blouses? Girls become so much conscious of what you wear. You always consider how your fashion. You even make some match up trial and error on your dresses. “Is it fine or okay?” or” Will it fit me?” are some of your questions. You are always critical with your appearance and your impact to others. Well, in that concern, pencil skirts will perfectly comply with what you wanted.

The pencil skirts are perfect match to various dresses. It will totally embrace your figure or curves. Though some of these pencil skirts are quite long, you will not appear to be an old maid or old-fashioned individuals. Instead, these will contribute to your charm and elegance. These are really a great help in achieving the fashion you wanted.

These pencil skirts are available in several markets. But some of you may not be satisfied of what several providers provide. Though you want pencil skirts badly, most of you will surely ensure the quality of the dress that you are supposed to buy. You would surely want wrinkle free pencil skirt. If you wanted a high quality and wrinkle free pencil skirt, refer to a trusted provider of custom made clothing.

Wanting to have a great fashion will be good thing in gaining more confidence or self-esteem. But it is also important to assure the quality of what you are wearing. For you to have a wrinkle free pencil skirt, order custom made.


Wrinkle Free Fabric

Classic-Gray-polyester-wrinkle-free-pencil-skirt-Are you annoyed of wrinkles in your Skirts or dress? Many of you may experience the times when you eagerly to wear a Skirt but you can’t wear it due to its wrinkles. Well, this could be more irritating if you urgently need that skirt or clothing. Since you need it, you lend time in ironing it. That will totally be a lost or waste of time.

Every time you go somewhere, you always take considerations to the skirt/dress that you are going to wear. Your way of clothing becomes very important in facing and in dealing with your own businesses.  That is most of you gets angry and annoyed every time you found out that what you supposed to wear is not that presentable.

Your day will surely ruin through that bothersome disturbances. This is why you prefer using a wrinkle free fabric.  There are several types of fabrics.  There are fabrics that are prone to wrinkles and there are fabrics that are not prone to it. You need to choose the right fabric for you.

You can avoid such incident (wearing wrinkled clothing) by selecting the right fabric.  In selecting your clothes, you should be particular of what type of fabric it is. You can search for this wrinkle free fabric in several skirts sewn from Elizabeth Custom Skirts.

We would be willing to provide you the fabric that you want, and sew your skirts from polyester wrinkle free fabric.

For your wrinkle free skirts contact us.





What Plus Size Ladies are Wearing

white-cotton-blouse-0009Skirts, when paired with the right tops, are considered as one of the most comfortable outfits that can be worn by plus size ladies. There are certain considerations that should be done just to make sure that the outfit will suit correctly with the wearer. If you are one of the plus size ladies that are looking for the right clothes to wear, then read through the following:

Customized knee cut skirts

Most women would say that this length is a bit awkward, but what they miss is the point that it can give a woman a taller look and will give the body a more slender look. Showing off your legs can also add up to your sexy look as you are still showing some skin even with the length of the skirt.

Be careful with too long skirts, too short skirts and also the oversized ones.

Being a plus size lady, it is best that you only wear too long skirts if you are tall and when it has a cold weather. It is a rule of a thumb that you should consider. With the short skirts, this will give your body an unbalanced figure. If you really want to wear a short skirt, get the one having a length that is right just above the knee. And lastly, oversized skirt is a big NO in plus size fashion.

Plus size ladies should wear skirts flattering their body shape.

It is best that ladies should still consider getting skirts and clothing that fit their body shape to enhance certain body parts and could balance your body.

Custom Clothing for the Plus Size Ladies

black-plus-size-skirt-Many people would say that picking the right outfit for plus size ladies is a bit difficult. But what makes the activity fun is that these ladies do not have to go through the difficulty of finding the right outfit for them as they can always choose to have it customized perfectly for them. Whenever plus size ladies would attend a special occasion, experts would say that these ladies can always wear skirts as it can enhance the curves of their lower bodies and just pair it with a blouse.

If you happen to be included in the number of ladies worrying about how to find the right plus size skirt, then you can always opt to have it customized according to your body shape and also with the occasion you are going to attend. You can always choose to have pencil skirts that are customized according to a printed blouse that you want to wear for the occasion.

Since the skirts that you are about to choose can be customized, you might want to get clothes with flattering embellishments and patterns. It is best that when customizing a skirt, the patterns that you will be choose are those that could help in trimming down your figure yet can still enhance your sexy curves. Whenever you are in the process of picking the right kind of skirt in the plus size section, make sure that you always consider having it customized to suit the preferences and purposes you have for wearing it.

Important Roles Dressmakers Play in the Clothing Industry

red-linen-skirtThe clothing industry has been improving not only because of the innovations with the trends and designs nowadays, but because of the creative minds of people behind these trends who are the dressmakers. These people are the ones who have been playing an important role in serving people both from the elite and low class society for their dresses and suites. Dressmakers were known to be the ones who are revolutionizing how people could carry themselves as confident as possible with the clothes they wear.
There are many roles that dressmakers play in the clothing industry and some of the important roles are the following:
1. Dressmakers are the ones who can make an impressive gown, dress or any clothing out of a plain and dull cloth. With their creative minds, these people can create something new or the same exact replica of a particular dress or gown that a client wants to wear for any important occasion.
2. They are great designers creating different trends. Various kinds of trendy clothing start from the extravagant design that a dressmaker can create from a particular cloth. There are many people who are thinking about how they can get a unique dress that they can wear for a particular event, and the creative minds of dressmakers are sure to be the ones needed to impress people.
3. Dressmakers create different concepts and think out of the box. The use of their creative skills allows dressmakers to present something new in the clothing industry. They tend to create new designs or enhance previous designs they had and make it possible to create something new with their fashion lines.
4. They are the ones who can make any dream gown or dress a reality. It is given that there are many kinds of clothing designs that are out in the market and some are just visualizing to get the same design worn in any special events. With the help of professional dressmakers, they are able to get the exact design that they want or even more glamorous than what they expect it to be.
5. Dressmakers help people enhance their body assets and hide their flaws. Just like makeup, clothes are the basic things that can help in enhancing whatever asset a person has and be able to hide whatever flaws that person wants to keep private. There are times when people want to wear a particular design yet are not able to because of particular flaws that may ruin their entire look. During these times, dressmakers can do something just to help you wear the design that you want without worrying about the flaws instead focus on your assets.
These are the major roles that dressmakers play in the clothing industry and the lives of many people. Most fashion enthusiasts are always looking for creative and skilled dressmakers to give them something new to add in their closet or just give them a new look or enhance their sense of style depending on the dress, gowns or any clothes these dressmakers would let them wear.

Undying Interest for Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing or what other people consider as included in the retro fashion is those with either funky designs or those with classical patterns. These types of clothing are those that have been popularized during the 50’s 60’s and so on. But what makes fashion, somehow, predictable is that, the popular fashion statements during those times are coming back with little modern twists.

What makes these clothing unforgettable is that, these clothing made a particular part in the lives of people. Most of these clothes come in different styles, which make these as most talked about fashion statements in the history of fashion design. Many fashion statements before where layers of clothes, long skirts, shorts, wrap –up look, looney tales and more. What makes these clothing interesting is that, these are slowly coming back and are being tried on by many youth fashion enthusiasts, nowadays.

Another thing that makes vintage clothing a very desirable fashion statement to talk about is the fact that these clothing have carefree touch to them. Color combination is definitely in during the 70’s and 80’s especially and clothes having these are surely fun to wear. Whenever you watch old movies or TV series in the vintage years, one word that you could always utter is “groovy”. Most of the clothes have this groovy look unto them that would make anyone dance comfortably wearing them.

Vintage clothing made a significant part in the history of fashion, and its statement in the history is definitely not dying even in today’s generation.




The Catchy Hippy Styles from the 60’s

One of the catchy eras in the fashion history is the 60’s styles. The range of fashion styles and designs during those times were really impressive and contains a lot of colors. It is definitely a fun era to remember as people take advantage of the modern influence of other designers from different European countries and forgetting about the conservative touches in the past years.
For men, bell bottoms were in and classic looks are out. Men’s fashion ranges from the turtle necks layered with suits and paired with bell bottom pants and leather shoes to hippy looks where men wore colored shirts, bell bottom pants and leather shoes. There is a great chance with the styles of men as they choose to incorporate the styles used with the past and incorporate as much modern styles as possible. They have let go of the boring styles of the previous years.
For women, the ranges of fashion styles were also the same. Long and conservative dresses are out while colorful and revealing dresses are in. There were many women who are hooked up with wearing dresses paired with knee high or thigh high boots that are sure to give that particular look for fashionable women during those times. These styles were very popular during those times because of the fact that the people were able to pay closer attention on showing their freedom and liberation.
Through the different fashion styles during those times, people were able to get the look that they want while leaving a part in the history of fashion that people will never forget.

Stretch Fabric, Ponte Knit, Lycra and Spandex Clothing

If you are looking for a high quality fabric that will suit your sewing needs, there is a wide variety of custom sewing websites that are available in the internet nowadays. Here, you will learn a lot of valuable information regarding the different fabric clothing as well as their pros and cons that you are searching for.

Ponte Knit Fabric Pros

  • It is predominantly casual
  • It is stretchy and comfy to wear
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Easy to wash

Ponte Knit Fabric Cons

  • Sometimes, it is lack of crispness
  • without proper care, It will stretches out and will tends to shrink
  • This type of  fabric is Never dressy, mostly used for casual and work wear.

Lycra Fabric Pros

A Lycra fabric is a kind of polyurethane product that is made for tight fitting clothing. This kind of fabric is usually used in swimsuits, bras and active wear.

  • It is very elastic and good resistance to oils and lotions.
  • This kind of fabric is smooth, soft, durable, strong and lightweight.

Lycra Fabric Cons

  • It is slippery on certain surfaces and it is very receptive to heat.
  • This kind of fabric is not advisable in underwear since it does not breathe well.

Spandex Fabric Pros

  • Stretchiness is one of the greatest advantages of purchasing a spandex fabric since it has the ability to recapture its shape. Most people prefer to buy spandex fabric since they really love the stretchiness and a variety of sizes that you can choose from.
  • Spandex fabric is a kind of synthetic fabric that has a plastic base. This kind of fabric is usually used in underwear and it is proven effective since it will fit better with your body. It will also help you prevent buying plenty of underwear clothing since it has the potential to last for a long time.

Spandex Fabric Cons

The usual disadvantage of purchasing spandex fabric is that it can lead to urinary infection and yeast infection especially to women. When your underwear is made from this kind of fabric, you will encounter skin moisture and unwanted sweat.

Most of the doctors are recommending their patients to make use of fabrics like silk, wool and cotton since it is safer to use particularly when it comes to underwear clothing.

There are also individuals who are allergic with this kind of fabric since their skin is irritated when they wear spandex underwear.

Stretch Fabric Pros

  • Most of the stretch fabric has the ability to recoup their original shape and size since it is very stretchy and luxurious to look at.
  • The stretch fabric comes with variety of colors and patterns that will suit any kind of clothing that you desire.
  • It is also easy to wash and it will dry quickly especially when it encounters spills and strains.

Stretch Fabric Cons

  • This kind of fabric is not recommended on your family room since you will find difficulty in getting rid of oil strains.
  • The color of this kind of fabric can immediately fade especially in prolonged exposure to heat of the sun as well as you can experience static development.

Fabric Care, how to care your fabrics

fabric-care-how-to-care-fabricClothes that people wear these days are typically made from different types of fabrics. But, there are times that these fabrics are a little bit hard to take care of. To make your clothes last for years and to preserve their beauty and new look, you need to know more about caring for various fabrics.

Clothes and other items that are made with type of fabric are suitable for dry cleaning. If laundering is advisable, you can hand wash the garments with mild suds and warm water. Don’t wring out or twist the garments and avoid soaking colored items to prevent the colors to fade faster. While the clothes are still damp, you can press on the wrong part with a cool iron. For the right side, you can use a pressing fabric. Also, keep in mind that circular knits must be laid even to dry.

Any garments that are made of this cloth type can be dry cleaned or washed. For washing it, you should use warm water and add some fabric softener in the last rinse cycle. Tumble dry the clothes at a low level of temperature. You should wash the delicate clothes by hand with warm water. Cut the static electricity and you can do it by adding a fabric conditioner on the 3rd or 4th wash. Squeeze out the water gently and shake out the items then let them dry with the use of a non-rust hanger. Circular knits and sweaters must be dried evenly. If you need to iron the items, you should set the iron to its modern warm mode.

This kind of fabric is very simple to wash and it can resist high temperatures. You can only use chlorine bleach to white cottony clothes so you should use color-safe bleach for dyed cottons. As cotton fibers are somewhat in-elastic, this type of fabric can crumple easily so the fabric will require frequent pressing. You can also set the dryer on a higher level since cotton takes more time to dry than the less absorbent cloths. Items that are made with cotton should be iron with warm iron as they don’t scratch easily.

For this type of fabric, you should use warm water then add a fabric softener on the last rinsing cycle. You should use a dryer sheet while tumble drying to lessen static electricity. Use warm iron if ironing is needed

Most of the items that are made with this cloth type can be tumble dried or machine washed. Use warm water then add a fabric softener on the last rinse. Tumble dry the clothes at low temperature level and remove the items once the cycle gets completed. Use warm iron when needed.

Pre-washed silk are the ones that can be washed so you must read the label before doing anything else. Dry cleaning is ideal for silk because dyes and detergents can cause adverse effects on silk fabrics.

Wool garments should be given with 24 hours rest between uses. Empty the pockets and remove the belt & hang them with closures that are buttoned and zipped. Fold the knits. Brush wool in removing the surface oil. You may use a damp sponge for finer fabrics and knits. Refresh these garments instantly after unpacking or wearing by hanging them inside the steamy bathroom. If they get wet, let them dry with a room temperature apart from heat.
Some of the garments made of linen are washable while others should be dry cleaned only.

The Sheath Dress

Sheath DressThe Sheath Dress
In today’s modern world in fashion, almost all types of clothes you can see being worn by others already have their own name. For women who love wearing dresses and the elegance it provides, you surely are knowledgeable of what a sheath dress is.
A sheath dress is that type of dress that fits snugly around the body. It is commonly just a few inches below or above the knees. If you are going to look around, you will see that a lot of women are already wearing this kind of dress. It is mainly because of the fact that it is very elegant, even when it is worn casually. Yes, sheath dresses can be worn either casually or as an elegant dress. Snug fitting with a length that reaches a few inches below above the knee is the general description of the dress. But it is presented in several styles, which becomes an excellent choice to be worn in any occasion, especially if you want to dress up that good. With the popularity of a sheath dress, have it ever occurred to you when people started wearing it?
History of the Sheath Dress
Talking about the history of this type of dress, it is believed that it was introduced sometime during the 1900s. It was defined in several ways back then. However, the one that primarily defines this dress is its close-fitting style that is especially designed to outline the shape of a female’s body. It features a silhouette that is extremely flattering. The dress is considered as the most the versatile dress piece that fashionable women have in their wardrobe. Thus, it did not come as a surprise why up until now sheath dress remained in the fashion trends.
When 1950s came, an enhancement was introduced concerning the dress. It was during this time when women started wearing it adorned with pearls with matching heels for the feet. Women during that team used to wear it in cocktail parties.

Today, the dress can already be combined with almost anything. It can be worn with a belt and blaze to serve as office attire. During the winter, it can be worn along with leggings and paired with knee boots. It is also already available in several colors, colorful prints and other more styles.
Who Can Wear a Sheath Dress? – Body Figure
Since sheath dress can be worn and paired with almost anything, it just made it possible for a range woman to have the chance to wear it. It can be worn by women as office attire. Thus, it will enable them to look respectable while staying as fashionable. It can also be worn by women during the entire duration of their pregnancy. For women who are out to buy a wedding dress, the long type of sheath dress is a perfect choice. For those women who are always attending cocktail parties, having a full wardrobe of sheath dress can be useful. Bridesmaids can also wear such dresses.
Have a Custom Sheath Made for You
Did you know that you can have your sheath dress to be custom-made? If you love wearing this kind of dress, this fact will thrill you. Through this, you can stay as elegant as you want and remain fashionable while wearing the dress with the style and designs you want. There are already a lot of stores that are offering custom sheath dress service.

The Trend for Custom-Made Fashion for 2014

Black-Skirt-with-Attached-peplumThere is a growing trend for custom-made clothing this 2014, and many individuals see this type of clothing as distinct fashion statement. If you are particular with your own preferences and specifications when it comes to your get up, you can consider designed and custom-made clothes for these are more unique and fashionable. Wearing these types of clothes is not just for fashion statement, but also for self expression. It is true that the way you dress and the types of clothes you wear are somehow reflections of your character.

Custom-made apparels are in this 2014. There is a wide assortment of this type of clothing available these days. Aside from unique fashion sense, custom-made clothing entails reduced cost. It is therefore fair to say that the trend for these clothes is highly appreciated by those who are concerned about their budgets. Designing your fashion trend in 2014 is a brilliant option because you can expect for superior quality clothing.

Custom-made clothes are tailored to fit and if you have the desire to obtain clothing that will fit your standard measure perfectly, you can ask for professional help if available. There are websites that are willing to extend services that are focused on custom-made tailoring. The most ideal website ensures that the processes and standardization are of high quality and precision. There are actually lots of advantages when you wear custom-made clothes but the top benefit of all is the perfect and most comfortable fit. Individuals can now walk in confidence and style with this custom-tailored clothing.

Custom-Made your Little Black Dress to the Perfect Fit

Black Pencil Dress frontBlack dress signifies elegance and sophistication making it an ideal choice of outfit on different events and occasions. Having this dress custom-made adds up personal style and fashion expression. Custom-made little black dresses offer perfect fit because these are specifically tailored based on personal measurements and specifications. These dresses are also designed giving value to women’s unique shapes and sizes.

If you have the desire to get the most stunning and unique black dress, you can go online you will be exposed to countless options when it comes to having black dresses custom-made. There are websites specializing in this field but individuals are advised to commit with the most trusted site to ensure quality and protection of their fashion interest.
Customers looking for custom-made black dresses and all other types are fortunate enough because the most ideal website is now ready to serve them. This site provides several custom-made options for customers who wanted dresses that are specially measured and designed for them. Fitting and consultation are made available for customers who are planning to avail for services.

Wearing custom-made dresses can make women feel and look better. Aside from the improvement of looks and fashion impact, custom-made black dresses can somehow define who you are. Committing to the most trusted site that cater to custom-made dresses demands entails numerous benefits on your part. Dresses are specifically made and designed for you therefore you got no rooms to complain for quality, versatility and perfect fit. All you have to do is wear these dresses and flaunt your best look.

What Is Faux Leather

faux-leather-flareFaux leathers are a kind of fabric, which look like a leather, but these are actually made from other materials. Nowadays, these are commonly used to create a wide variety of products including shoes, garments, furniture, electronics accessories, and vehicle seats. Faux leather is also typically known as pleather or leatherette and this is cheaper as well as much versatile compared to other real leather. However, it does not come with the same quality.

Types of Faux Leather
There are a total of two types of faux leather or man-made leather. These types include polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
• Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC- This type of faux leather is made with the process of adding dye and plasticizers to PVC. Due to that, this is more flexible and gives a natural color.
• Polyurethane- Unlike PVC, this is made through coating a fabric including polyester or cotton with flexible polymer. Then, once it was treated, it will look like an animal hide.
Both types of faux leather can be used in creating upholstery, product covers, and clothing. But, you have to take note that each has particular applications in which it can perform much better. For instance, since PVC leathers are not breathable unlike PU leathers, it is less commonly applied for clothing and for surfaces that contact one’s skin directly. However, although it is not good in some stuffs, PVC is best suited for cases of electronic devices or books. PU leathers are more flexible, longer, and softer. That is the reason why it commonly used for creating high-wear products including luggage.

Faux Leather VS Real Leather

Faux leathers look different from the real leathers in various ways. These also feel and smell different. Real leathers typically have irregular, visible pores, various forms of patterns, and rough edges once these are folded. Faux leathers, on the other hand, don’t have those characteristics. Although these may have printed pores, but in general, these don’t come with repeating patterns. The edges are also typically smooth and plastic-like. Real leathers also feel buttery and smooth, but faux leathers feel like vinyl or plastic. The smell between those two also differs since the real leathers have distinctive smell and the faux leathers smell like plastic.


Faux leathers have numerous advantages. These can be made in various colors or texture, which will surely meet one’s preferences when it comes to their fashion statement. With this advantage, no matter what your fashion statement is, you can be assured that faux leathers will provide you satisfaction. Other than that, faux leathers are known for their durability. In comparison to other fabrics, they don’t easily fade and can be cleaned quickly because of its texture.

Although faux leather does have the same quality with the real leather, getting products that are made of this can be a good option. With its price, you can be assured that this will meet your needs for your own preferences in fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Get faux leather products now and see the difference!

Custom Bridesmaid Skirts

bridesmaide-skirt-bridesmaide-skirtsWe sew custom Bridesmaid skirts for your wedding, for more information please contact us or view our wide range of skirts.
Persons needing bridesmaid Skirts can also submit their own styles and designs.


The big day is set, but focusing on the scheduled wedding date is not enough because you also have to pay attention to other things and priorities. The skirts and dresses to be used during the big event are just one of the numerous things that need to be dealt with. Going for custom bridesmaid skirts is a brilliant option especially if you got bridesmaids of different sizes and shapes. Individuals who are in need for personalized dresses and skirts for bridesmaids can definitely find the ones that will suit different choices of preferences.

Picking a Color

If it is a summer wedding, choosing pastel colors for custom bridesmaids’ skirts is perfect. Due to the versatility of pastel shades, these colors are also great choices for beach weddings. Pastel hues are popular in baby blue, lilac, lavender, pink, mint, apricot, and primrose yellow. You can pick a color based on your personal preferences and the type of wedding that you will be into. Bridesmaids can also choose the designs, styles, fabrics and materials for their skirts or dresses. Custom bridesmaid skirts can add significant impact to their over-all get up.

Choosing Fabric

Choosing fabric is crucial if individuals want a custom bridesmaid’s skirts or dresses. Navigating bridesmaids skirt fabrications is challenging. But with countless types to choose from, individuals can easily choose the fabric that suits their taste and preference. The recommended fabrics that you can consider for your custom bridesmaid skirts are nylon, silk, cotton, polyester, rayon, and the list goes on. Individuals have to take note that fabrics are different from finishes for the latter are terms like satin, chiffon, taffeta and more. Fabrics are offered in various colors and patterns.


Selecting a Design

The design of your custom bridesmaid skirts must be unique and shall perfectly match your skin tone and figure for a more defined look. The design should possess distinct elegance and modern femininity. It is also essential to choose a design that will define your figure or body composition. A well-designed custom skirts and dresses come with intricate embroideries and luxurious silks that invite glamorous glimpse from audience. The design should be fresh, modern and chic.

Deciding on the Style

Your custom bridesmaid skirt can be made based on a pencil cut style. This style is ideal if you will be attending a church wedding. The classic A-line cut can also be chosen, and this perfectly suits different body types and shapes. If bridesmaids are opting for versatility, they can choose circle cut style on their skirts. If these are paired with the most elegant shoes, individuals can expect for sexy and sophisticated looks.
If you will be shopping for custom bridesmaid skirts, consider a professional designer or dressmaker to have your skirts custom-made. In such way, you will be given the chance to incorporate your own ideas on the color, design, style and fabric. Standard designs are offered, but you are allowed to add details, trims and accessories to make the skirts uniquely yours.









Fashionable Custom Made Tweed Skirts for Winter

green-and-white-winter-tweed-skirtIt is a fact that winter skirts are getting popular primarily in the countries that experiences winter season. The presence of this kind of skirt provides a lot of benefits primarily to women. This is actually made by a professional designer and that’s why it is safe to use. Women will surely feel comfortable on it because this is made of high class materials such as tweed. In this case, winter skirts are one of the best clothing for women that can provide benefits.

The winter skirts are made of tough and flexible materials that make it in demand and popular. Winter is the coldest season for the people due to the presence of snow and that’s why this winter skirt is not just a simple skirt that is typically used by some women. It contains tough materials that can provide a warm feeling. Aside from that, it can also give shape into the womens body. In addition, it comes out in various color and style that’s why women will have many options if what winter skirt they will choose. It is also made in short and long skirt. In this case, women who like short or long skirt will no longer experience hardships in looking for it.

Because winter skirts are made with various color and design, women should choose properly so that they can choose the right one. And they also avoid mistakes that might cause big problems. So for the women out there who are planning to purchase winter skirts, you should choose properly in order to avoid experiencing that situation.

Wool Blend Custom Made Winter Skirts

WOOL-BLEND-SKIRTSWool blend winter skirts are one of the most popular skirts for women due to its unmatched and attractive appearance. It is a fact that this skirt is made of various materials that can provide an impressive design. This is the kind of skirt that comes out in different style, design, and color. The designers of this skirt made two choices for women and these are the pencil cut and long cut skirt. These two have their own design and style. That’s why women can choose the kind of skirt that will truly catch their tastes and needs.
This winter skirts are also used in offices because it is well-designed and can give shape in their body. There are also times that it comes out with eye catchy design. That’s why teenagers are having the interest to have this winter skirts. This only means this skirt for winter is not just a simple skirt for women. It can provide a lot of benefits which are suitable for their needs and tastes. Due to its impressive and unique designs, many women are immediately investing for it.
When it comes to choosing the right one, women should use these significant factors so that they can easily choose the right one.
• Texture
• Price
• Materials use
• Size
• Length
• Design
These are the significant factors that should know by women. The presence of these factors is truly a great help for women because it guides them in choosing the winter skirt that suits in their tastes.

Black Skirts Perfect for Plus Size Ladies

Black Skirts Perfect for Plus Size LadiesMany plus size women are searching for a skirt that is suitable for their body size. It is a fact that plus size women are experiencing hardships and difficulties when it come to searching for clothes that complement their body type. It is significant to choose the clothes that will give them good looks especially when reporting for work or attending an important event.

This is one of the reasons why black skirts are made.
Black skirts are the perfect choice for women who want to have good looks primarily in their work. Actually, this is made of durable materials that will provide them with numerous benefits that will surely suit their taste and demands. Due to their size, it is crucial to make use of those durable materials to prevent it from being damaged especially when they seat in their chair.
This skirt is not only made with durable and flexible materials, it is made in different styles, colors, and designs that create an impressive and remarkable appearance skirt. The manufacturers of these skirts are utilizing these materials because they want to create unbeatable and long lasting skirt that contains impressive colors and designs. The skirts for plus size women come in different lengths, from short to long. And it also made with designs like floral, plain black, and batik print.
The presence of these black skirts is truly crucial for women due to the benefits that it gives to them. In addition, this also gives their body the shape that they want.

The Style and Elegance of a Black Pencil Skirt

The Style and Elegance of a Black Pencil SkirtA lot of woman today are experiencing problems with the slacks that they usually wear at work. It is important that women should dress professionally and always be presentable when reporting at work especially when their job requires them to do so. For those who still want to look professional and elegant without wearing pants, a black pencil skirt is the best choice for women regardless of their weight
This black pencil skirt is made of first class materials that make it durable and flexible.

Experts use those materials because they want to have the assurance that it will last for longer years, and also to meet the needs and demands of women. They also created it with various designs and styles along with attractive color. It is true that women have their own taste when it comes to a skirt. That is why they created it in different styles.
Aside from that, wearing pencil skirt can give a lot of benefits to women. One of the benefits that it provides is that it gives shape to the body and helps enhance their figure. This is why it is the perfect choice for them primarily for those who want to give their body a shape that they desire. In this case, the presence of this black pencil skirt is truly significant due to the benefits that it provides. It is not just a simple skirt that you often see in your working place, it is made perfectly that’s why it can truly last for longer years and can add to your beauty.

Fashionable Skirts for All Season

Fashionable-Skirts-for-All-SeasonA lot of women dreams of finding skirts that they can wear regardless of what the season is. Skirts are available in different designs, styles, colors, and materials used. Most of them are designed to flatter the figure of their wearer. Women tend to look sexier when then wear skirt than pants.

However, skirts are not just a simple thing that can be worn by women. It is essential that women choose a top that complement that type of skirt that they are wearing. Skirts have a lot of designs and style. That’s why women can choose the one that they will be using for the entire season. Aside from its fashionable style, design, and long lasting materials, these skirts can also enhance the beauty and confidence of women. Due to this information, the presence of skirts is also significant due to the benefits that it can give to their users. Moreover, the designs of it can truly catch the interest and taste of a lot of women who prefer to wear skirts that pants or dress.

Individuals can also design their custom made skirts based on their taste. Like for Halloween parties, they can make use of materials that can match the theme of the said party. In this case, skirts can be customized depending on the chosen design of the wearer. But before they create this skirt, they should think first if they can use this with their available tops in a way that they look stylish and elegant.



Peplum Skirt Can Give Shape to Plus Size Women’s Body

Peplum-Skirt-for-Plus-Size-WomenSome plus size women are finding it hard to look for a skirt that can complement their figure. However, due to the creative minds of individuals involve in women’s fashion, there are already skirts that are specially designed to give shape of the body of a plus size women or those with fuller figure. Peplum skirt for plus size women are now made available for them to experience, flaunt, and enjoy.

A peplum is an additional comparable skirt in women’s clothing. This can truly give a shape to the waist of women. This is probably why a lot of plus size women are choosing to purchase and use this type of skirt as part of their outfit. This only means that this peplum skirt is only made for plus size women. Since it makes the waist smaller, it doesn’t mean that their plus size body is not visible. It only gives their body a shape and decreases the size of their waist.

It can truly give a body a proportional look and provides a good intuition of femininity. This is one of the reasons why a lot of plus size women are getting interested to purchase this skirt. Due to this Peplum skirt for plus size women, a lot of women are given the chance to give their body a shape that they desire and be more confident. Moreover, this skirt can truly boost their self-esteem of women and be proud the body that they have, making them more attractive and appealing.

A Line Skirt

pink-a-line-skirt-2The A-line skirt is perfectly described as the skirt that is perfectly fitted into the hips which is gradually widened to the hem. The A-line skirt will simply give the impression of the capital letter “A”. This is the reason why it is called an A-line skirt. There are also other types of clothes and coats that are called A-line because they have the same shape.

A-line skirt is also similar with high waist skirt because it must be worn above the waist to provide the best A-line characteristic. The designs can also be free style as long as it can be worn by women with long legs and sexy figures. You can also find an A-line skirt that will perfectly match a girl who has short legs.

Short legged girls are often the chubby ones but there might be an A-line skirt for them. A skirt with colorful design is the perfect one for girls who have short legs. A short A-line skirt can make a short girl look tall.

The materials used in making an A-line skirt are silk, cotton, leather and jeans. The variety of A-line skirt can provide the best attire for all girls whether short or tall. As long as you have what it takes to wear such short skirts then you can buy every design and color that it may have. For the summer time, the best type of A-line skirt to wear is the colorful ones that will create a cool summer look which can attract most men.

Long Skirts

Long-SkirtLong skirts are perfect for women who have slim legs. There are different types of long skirts that can match the fashion taste of girls.

For women who have long legs, the best long skirt could be layered skirts with two or more layers that are made of silk. Layered long skirts must be made from the materials that are light so the wearer can move freely.

The layered type of long skirts can also have a slit in-front on the side or in the back.

The slit adds style that can make a sexy impression. For women with a slim body, these skirts can make them look sexy especially if they wear these with fit or lose clothes that may expose their shoulders. Long skirts can be worn above or below the belly bottom that make them perfect with hanging shirts.

Exposing the body slightly is never wrong as long as you have what it takes to wear this type of clothes.

For women who don’t have long legs, using long skirts can give the same impression. There are striped long skirts that can make you look tall. Stripes are the number one tool that is used to deceive the eyes. There are long skirts that can cover the feet. These skirts are perfect to wear when attending formal and special occasions.

If the occasions will be held at night, the best choice should be black long skirts that are made from silk or you may choose layered long skirts that will make you look elegant. There are different designs that long skirts may have, but the concept will still be the same.







High Waisted Skirts

olive-green-peplum-High -Waisted -SkirtsHigh waist skirts are the perfect skirts for women who have slim figures and long legs. These types of the skirts are usually worn above the belly bottom that creates a perfect look particularly in the stomach and waistline portions. High waist skirts are best to wear for a formal occasion because these clothes bring elegance and style to the person who is wearing it.

These skirts are best when paired with clothes of the same color or with silk clothes that will stick to the body for a seductive look. High hill shoes are the perfect shoes to wear with these skirts. For special occasions or night parties, black clothes paired with black high waist skirt are the best ones to wear as it will surely attract the attention of men.

High waist skirt can also be used in casual occasions. These clothes will give sexy yet sporty look depending on the type of high waist skirts you have chosen. There are many styles and design of high waist skirt and there are some best designs to choose if you like high waist skirts. The school daze skirt is one design that fit most young girls who prefer colorful and sexy high waist skirts.

The shirred high and low skirt is a combination of two high waist skirts. The layer from the inside that serves as the main skirt covers the stomach and legs. The outer layer is the design that can be made from silk to add elegance. This type of skirt may have a long outer layer in the back and a short curve design in the front that exposes the legs from the knee downwards.

Hipster Skirts

pulka-dots-Hipster-SkirtsThe hipster skirts, cut approx. 4” below the natural waist line, are commonly worn by girls/ladies when they go out for a party. Hipster skirts are available in different design and each of these could be your best fashion option depending on your taste. Most hipster skirts are short and they may have different colors or design and can be sew from a wide variety of fabrics, in some cases the hipster skirts can be sewn longer to your desired.

These types of clothes are popular for young girls who are fashionable.

These skirts can be worn either for formal or casual occasion and pairing them with either T-shirt or blouse will never be difficult because some hipster skirts can be paired with almost any types of clothes. The best types of hipster skirts are the one that are custom made just for you.  These skirts can be order to match your tops to give that fashionable, unique, one of a kind look, plus the hipster skirts are a perfect way to show off your navel ring and tats.

Hipster skirts are also the latest trend in skirt today. Many designers are making these types of clothes which are usually perfect for tall girls with long legs. The great thing about these skirts is the unique design that traditional skirts don’t have. The design of hipster skirts is free style which means they can have different layers, length and sizes which look attractive especially if the color combination matches the complexion of the person and her height.

Hipster skirts can either be skinny or lose. For girls who prefer a tight professional look fit, hipster skirts are the best to wear. For those who prefer loose type and care free skirts, there are hipster skirts that can match their preference. The development of hipster skirt created the new style and design for women who love skirts.




One of the essential questions the good dressmaker will ask to his or her client is the date of the event. Big projects such as proms and weddings are seasonal designing and planning takes months. Good and reliable dressmaker is booked at least 6 months to one year in advance. Some dressmakers will finish the project at a very short period of time but the fee is higher, however a lot will not. Book in advance of the event in order to save you significant amount of money and you are certain that you will only get a best result. Going to dressmaker is much more beneficial that going to retail store, because this is something made uniquely for you.

select your fabricWhen looking for a dressmaker make sure that he or she is dedicated, expert and will work with you to make the dress of your dream. Ask to see samples of finished project will provide you an idea on the quality of work, and a better option of images will allow you to see the sort of work that dressmaker does. Be attentive of dressmaker without prior work to show, and just a number of fuzzy pictures of completed projects.
Years in the business are one of the factors that need to consider in dressmaker. Make certain that the dressmaker has years of experience, knowledgeable, know the dos and don’ts in dressmaking and most of all the one choose dressmaker that provide free quotes on their services. There are a lot of dressmaker available but only few of them is talented, dedicated and offer high quality result.

The Art of Dressmaking


If you have a dream of putting your own line of dress or simply need to make you own stunning dresses, you can never be successful in it without knowing the art and techniques of dressmaking. For sure, you can get the service of designers to do all the effort for your dream, however it is certainly better and reasonable if you have enough knowledge on the fashions, designs and styles which are appropriate for your figure. In addition, when you want to become a fashion designer, being armed with dressmaking skill can aid you become famous.

Apart from going into fashion universities, there are some ways for you to learn yourself on how to make dresses and clothes. There are websites available which can help you to get started. The basic knowledge you need to know are the various sewing strategies. Absolutely, you can’t go wrong without understanding yourself with tools, parts, equipment, supplies required in dressmaking.
It is important for you to know and practice dressmaking pattern, designs and measurements. Understanding the implications of various fabrics, designs and colors on physical look is incredible essential. Being skilled in designing clothes allows you to have a thorough knowledge on what type of clothing designs complement your skin tone, hair, body shape and face. It can also provide you an important clue on hiding physical flaws as well as on how to give emphasis on specific physical asset. These could contribute to a thorough appreciation of fashion fads and styles. Dressmaking is one of in demand job at this moment.

The Wonders of Custom Skirts and Tops

blouse-and-topsWe offer professional dressmaking services for your Custom skirt and blouses contact us


Nothing beats the beauty and perfect fit of clothes that have been specially made for you alone. While you can always easily purchase them in the nearest department store or clothing shop in your area, still, there is a big chance that there will be some unfit measurements here and there. So, if you are looking for skirts and tops that do not just go perfectly but will also bring out the best of your body and accentuate all of your assets, then, it will be a wise decision to order custom made ones through online.

Skirts and tops are some of the most crucial aspects of any modern woman’s wardrobe, and this is why it is important for them to be made in the best way possible in order to ensure that they will be a perfect fit to the wearer. Custom tailored skirts and tops can offer immense flexibility because you can choose the style, design, as well as the materials that you would like to use on your clothes. Other women might just settle for ready-to-wear tops and skirts, but for those who undergo great deals of changes in their physique, this option just wouldn’t do.

Good thing that there are now many custom tailoring shops online which can offer you remarkable services when it comes to the creation of custom skirts and tops. You only have to place your order together with your measurements and other specifications and expect to get the skirts and tops that you want in no time!


We offer professional dressmaking services for your Custom skirt and blouses contact us

Experience Sophistication and Elegance with Skirt Suits for Women

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 10 11.23Skirt Suits for Women can ultimately bring out the best in you that is why it is necessary to choose the best skirt suits that display balance and coordination. These suits can also express personal sense of style and fashion. Skirt suits are ideally worn by career women to look fashionable and elegant. This is needed in their professional field.

Custom-made skirt suits for women can also be an excellent option for those who desire for personal touches and specifications. There are lots of styles and designs for skirt suits readily available today, but it is a given reality that skirt suits that are custom-made still earns the respect and recognition from women’s niche. Wider collection of skirt suits for women starts to invade the fashion industry, and trends and demands for this fashion item are rapidly increasing.
Skirt suits for women that offer versatility and impressive style are the leading picks among fashionable women. These skirt suits can be worn in different occasions, travels and work routines. Modern and trendsetter women are generally getting hooked with this skirt suits. These are definitely an incredible investment on every closet because it provides significant use during different events.

These skirt suits for women are also ideal attire during special events such as weddings, church services and parties. These suits can be tailored according to personal requests demanding preferred cuts, designs, add-ons like beads and more. Individuals can gain detailed information over the internet about the wider selection and collection of specially tailored skirt suits for women.

Please contact us for your custom made skirts Suites.

The Beauty and Benefits of Wool Skirts

Kingswool-PlainArray of modern collections of wool skirts is common scenes in stores and boutiques all over the world these days. These types of skirts are the smart choice during cold seasons. Wool is known to increase absorbency, add warmth and bulk, recover wrinkle and increase shape retention. The interesting thing about wool skirts is that it keeps your body feel the warmth, and at the same time makes you look fashionable. Wool skirts come in different designs, colors and styles, and these types of skirts are definitely a good break from shorts and pants.

Wool skirts can be worn on different events for it keeps you in striking style. There are varieties of patterns for wool skirts however custom-made or tailored wool skirts are an excellent choice. For fashion and trend, women can rely on these specially created wool skirts. Wool skirts are a practical addition to your skirts collection. Records show that wool is an absorbent material making it a most ideal fabric to be worn during wet seasons. Due to the excellent absorbency feature, lost of wool skirts, and other winter clothing is made from wool fabric.

Individuals who have the passion for specially tailored or custom-made wool skirts, they can refer to trusted sites over the internet. These sites can provide you with your desired wool skirts that are based on your specifications. What makes this custom-made wool skirts interesting is that there is no big deal of you are big, petite or medium-sized because wool skirts are being saw or tailored according to your actual measurement.

Please contact us for your custom made wool skirts sewn from wool mixture fabrics and tweeds fabric.

Ladies Suits Bring Out Professional Beauty

Ladies SuitsLadies suits are an essential part of fashion history because from the earliest years up to now, these have been worn by women. Ladies suits add power and style to every woman that is why individuals coming from the women’s niche are getting hooked with these suits that have already stood the test of time. This piece of clothing is one of the most versatile, wearable and widely accepted. Ladies suits are commonly worn for work and other events. There are different types of suit available in the fashion industry today. It is best to choose the most appropriate ladies suits that can bring out the best in you.

Wearing ladies suits entails professional and sophisticated look. The choice for the most appropriate color of the suit is essential for proper matching and coordination. Formal ladies suits are also better option because these suits are best suited for formal events and occasions. Ladies suits are sometimes recognized as “dress to impress” thing. Due to the growing trend of ladies suits, numerous online and traditional stores are offering ladies suits. Array of different designs, colors and styles comes with these suits for women to choose from.

Individuals can refer on trusted sites when they are in search for fresh ideas and styles concerning ladies suits. There are sites that offer custom-made suits that ladies out there will surely love and enjoy. Your personalized specifications matter therefore you can expect to receive the type of ladies suits that is based on your own desire. There are changes brought about by the passage of time, so it is better to focus on specially tailored ladies suits that can adapt to the latest trend.

Cheap Pencil Skirt – How to Get One?

Buy Cheap Pencil Skirt

cheap-pencil-skirt_00Most women love wearing a pencil skirt due to its fashionable style and design. This knee-length type of skirt is narrow at the waist. It also broadens at the thighs and hips and narrows towards the knees. Women wearing this skirt appear more stunning and sexier.

If you are planning to wear this pencil skirt, you will probably get tempted to visit one shop to another. However, searching for the best and cheap pencil skirt is not too easy. Before you pick anyting, you have to consider various factors.
Some women prefer to buy online than in local stores. Whether you opt to deal with an online or local store, your first concern is to know its exact price. Not all shops offer an affordable pencil skirt. To ensure that you will get an ideal one, see to it that you compare one product to another. In addition, in buying cheap pencil skirt you should not just depend on the rates. You also need to know if your preferred brand or item has high quality features.

If you prefer to buy online, it is also best to know its shipment rates. Some shops offer the item for a affordable rates but charge high on the shipping. If you don’t want to be deceived by any supplier, see to it that you know where to depend on.
Upon checking out the best pencil skirt in the market, you will surely be delighted. When you wear it, your friends will praise the way you look.

Can Plus Size Women Wear Pencil Skirts


 Shop Plus Size Pencil Skirts



plus-size-skirtIt doesn’t mean that when you are plus size, you cannot wear a pencil skirt. These days, lots of plus size women are wearing pencil skirts because many stores are offering plus size pencil skirts for women. Since a pencil skirt is made of an elastic waistband and stretchable fabric, even plus size woman can wear this kind of skirt now. A pencil skirt can help plus size women have a sexy and classy look even with their type of body. There are also custom made skirts for plus size women who want to experience a different look in their fashion.

A pencil skirt would also make you feel and look gorgeous that is why a lot of plus size women are wearing this type of skirt to help them feel comfortable with their body. There is no reason for you to be sad just because you are bigger than any girls out there because with the plus size women pencil skirts, you can be sure to fit in with the fashion trends perfectly. However, you should also consider the right boutique where you will get your skirt. If you can find the best custom made pencil skirt online, it would be better.

Being a plus size is not a problem because there are lots of fashion trends that are dedicated to you, so you will still feel comfortable in dealing with other people. You can choose among the different types of pencil skirts that will suit your needs. With all the choices that are available in the market today, it would be easier for plus size women to decide where they can find the best pencil skirt they need. According to some designers, pencil skirts are also suited for plus size women because this can help enhance their body shape.

Bigger women have bigger and rounder legs that are perfect for pencil skirts. There are also different kinds of pencil skirt designs that can match your needs. With over thousands of designs, you can be sure that there will be something which will fit you perfectly. For some plus size women, they are having doubts on wearing skirts because they think that it is too much revealing but once you try it, you will see that it is just what you need to keep your body in shape. If you will order online, you need to make sure that you give the exact information regarding your measurements.

You also need to make sure that you find the right boutique that offers clothes and skirts for plus size women. There are custom made pencil skirts that are offered online that will surely capture your heart and will make you feel good and sexy. The most important benefit that this skirt can give you is the fact that it fits every woman in the world just fine. It can also help plus size women to have self-confidence and trust in their selves. As mentioned, purchase your pencil skirt from a reliable store to make sure that it is of quality and worth of your money.

Why Should I Order Custom Made Pencil Skirts

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BLUE-PENCIL-SKIRT-2With all the different kinds of fashion statement today, one of the most common trends is the custom made pencil skirts. A pencil skirt is made from stretchable fabrics and elastic waistband that gives your body a sexy and classy fit. The skirts are perfectly hanging on the curves but it is not too tight, so you can still move freely. Since, it is elastic and stretchable, the skirt will truly emphasize the beautiful curves of your body specifically your butt and your legs.  A lot of women are now using custom made pencil skirts because they can choose the design that they want. When you are looking for a skirt, there are so many things that you need to consider before you buy one.

It is better if you can just order the custom made pencil skirt online since this way, you can be sure that it will certainly fit you. There are lots of boutiques online where you can order your skirts and the nice thing about ordering from the sites is that you can decide what design or color of fabrics you would want for your skirt. If you will buy from the malls or stores, there are only limited choices that you can pick from, but if you will order online, there are thousands of choices that you can get. Women love to wear the pencil skirt because they really feel sexy when they wear it.

The more choices you have, the more you can find the right pencil skirt that you want. Since it is custom made, you have full authority on the overall look of your pencil skirt. You can decide its color, size, design, length and everything that you want for your skirt. You will find more benefits if you will order custom made pencil skirts online rather than buying it from local stores. There are many sites that offer customized pencil skirts and all you need to do is to make sure that you find the right site that can give you your needs.

Pencil skirts are very classy but they can also be intimidating at certain times. You should remember that every person has a different body shape. So, it doesn’t mean that everything will look good on you. There are certain body shapes that are not suited for pencil skirt designs, so you need to know that before you buy the product. But since custom made pencil skirts are now offering a wide variety of choices, you will have the chance to match your body with the type of skirt that you want. You can request for a custom made skirt that will surely fit your size and your needs.

So, if you want your pencil skirt to match your needs, you need to order a custom made pencil skirt. If you will just look at the stores, you will not have the chance to choose the right one for you because you can only choose among the skirts available. When your clothes are custom made, you can be sure that you will get the design that you have always wanted.

How to take Dress Measurments

Dear Customer of Elizabeth’s Custom Skirts, when ordering one of our pencil dresses for the first time we will need these measurements.

 Just Fill in the brackets

  1. Shoulder to Waist (front) (         )
  2. Shoulder to waist (back)  (         )
  3. Center Front   (         )
  4. Bust   (         )


  1. Across Back      (         )
  2. Across Chest     (         )
  3. Across Shoulder  (         )
  4. Arm Bicep  (       )
  5. Arm Circumference (         )
  6. Sleeve Length  (         )


  1. Shoulder Seam (         )
  2. Waist  (         )
  3. Hip  (         )
  4. Widest Hip  (         )
  5. Waist to Hip   (         )
  6. Skirt Length  (         )


After taking your measurements enter them into our order note section on the checkout page.


5– Across BackMeasure across the back, at the top from one arm to the other arm. 6 – Across ChestMeasure across the chest, at the top from one arm to the other arm. 7 – Across ShoulderMeasure from one shoulder point to the other, extend the tape measure straight across your shoulder as shown in the image. 8 – Arm BicepAround bicep at the fullest part of the arm. Take a close measurement around the fattest part of your hand.

1-      Shoulder to Waist  Front


Measure from the center of the shoulder to your natural  waistline to the front


2 – Shoulder to Waist Back



Measure from the center of the shoulder to your natural  waistline at the back


3 – Center FrontMeasure from base of neck to the natural waistline 4 – Bust Measure around the fullest part of the bust right around the back, full circle.
9- Arm CircumferenceTake a loose Measurement around The arm just the way you need your sleeve to fit. 10 – Sleeve LengthMeasure from the top of your Arm cap to desired Sleeve length 11- Shoulder SeamMeasure from neckline to the end of shoulder blade 12- WaistTake a Fairly loose and comfortable measurement around the natural waist
12 – HipTake a Fairly loose and comfortable measurement around the Hip 14 – Widest Hip Take this measurement around the fattest part of your bottom  15 – Waist to HipMeasure from your  waist to your hip- this measurement is between 7’’ and 10’’ depend on your height 16- Skirt LengthMeasure from your waist to desired skirt length