How to take Measurements for your Custom Skirt


How to Take your Custom Skirt Measurements



The five Measurements needed

1. Waist

2. Upper Hip Circumference

3. Lower Hip Circumference

4. Waist to Lower Hip

5. Skirt Length

What to do

Tie a piece of string around your waist Circumference to locate the position of your natural waistline.
Waist Circumference

Not too tight. Take a slightly loose comfortable Measurement around your waist. Take this measurement to your comfort.

Upper Hip Circumference
Upper hip circumference approx. 5” below the waist Take this measurement around the fattest part of your tummy.

Lower Hip Circumference
This is the Circumference of your hip at its widest point and around the bottom.

Waist to Lower Hip
Measure from your waist to the starting position of your lower hip, This is usually 7″ to 8″ below the waist in general however this measurement can be up to 10 inches for taller ladies with more body mass.

Skirt Length
Stand straight, Measure from your waist to your desired skirt length.

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