Stretch Fabric, Ponte Knit, Lycra and Spandex Clothing

If you are looking for a high quality fabric that will suit your sewing needs, there is a wide variety of custom sewing websites that are available in the internet nowadays. Here, you will learn a lot of valuable information regarding the different fabric clothing as well as their pros and cons that you are searching for.

Ponte Knit Fabric Pros

  • It is predominantly casual
  • It is stretchy and comfy to wear
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Easy to wash

Ponte Knit Fabric Cons

  • Sometimes, it is lack of crispness
  • without proper care, It will stretches out and will tends to shrink
  • This type of ¬†fabric is Never dressy, mostly used for casual and work wear.

Lycra Fabric Pros

A Lycra fabric is a kind of polyurethane product that is made for tight fitting clothing. This kind of fabric is usually used in swimsuits, bras and active wear.

  • It is very elastic and good resistance to oils and lotions.
  • This kind of fabric is smooth, soft, durable, strong and lightweight.

Lycra Fabric Cons

  • It is slippery on certain surfaces and it is very receptive to heat.
  • This kind of fabric is not advisable in underwear since it does not breathe well.

Spandex Fabric Pros

  • Stretchiness is one of the greatest advantages of purchasing a spandex fabric since it has the ability to recapture its shape. Most people prefer to buy spandex fabric since they really love the stretchiness and a variety of sizes that you can choose from.
  • Spandex fabric is a kind of synthetic fabric that has a plastic base. This kind of fabric is usually used in underwear and it is proven effective since it will fit better with your body. It will also help you prevent buying plenty of underwear clothing since it has the potential to last for a long time.

Spandex Fabric Cons

The usual disadvantage of purchasing spandex fabric is that it can lead to urinary infection and yeast infection especially to women. When your underwear is made from this kind of fabric, you will encounter skin moisture and unwanted sweat.

Most of the doctors are recommending their patients to make use of fabrics like silk, wool and cotton since it is safer to use particularly when it comes to underwear clothing.

There are also individuals who are allergic with this kind of fabric since their skin is irritated when they wear spandex underwear.

Stretch Fabric Pros

  • Most of the stretch fabric has the ability to recoup their original shape and size since it is very stretchy and luxurious to look at.
  • The stretch fabric comes with variety of colors and patterns that will suit any kind of clothing that you desire.
  • It is also easy to wash and it will dry quickly especially when it encounters spills and strains.

Stretch Fabric Cons

  • This kind of fabric is not recommended on your family room since you will find difficulty in getting rid of oil strains.
  • The color of this kind of fabric can immediately fade especially in prolonged exposure to heat of the sun as well as you can experience static development.

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