The Catchy Hippy Styles from the 60’s

One of the catchy eras in the fashion history is the 60’s styles. The range of fashion styles and designs during those times were really impressive and contains a lot of colors. It is definitely a fun era to remember as people take advantage of the modern influence of other designers from different European countries and forgetting about the conservative touches in the past years.
For men, bell bottoms were in and classic looks are out. Men’s fashion ranges from the turtle necks layered with suits and paired with bell bottom pants and leather shoes to hippy looks where men wore colored shirts, bell bottom pants and leather shoes. There is a great chance with the styles of men as they choose to incorporate the styles used with the past and incorporate as much modern styles as possible. They have let go of the boring styles of the previous years.
For women, the ranges of fashion styles were also the same. Long and conservative dresses are out while colorful and revealing dresses are in. There were many women who are hooked up with wearing dresses paired with knee high or thigh high boots that are sure to give that particular look for fashionable women during those times. These styles were very popular during those times because of the fact that the people were able to pay closer attention on showing their freedom and liberation.
Through the different fashion styles during those times, people were able to get the look that they want while leaving a part in the history of fashion that people will never forget.

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