What Is Faux Leather

faux-leather-flareFaux leathers are a kind of fabric, which look like a leather, but these are actually made from other materials. Nowadays, these are commonly used to create a wide variety of products including shoes, garments, furniture, electronics accessories, and vehicle seats. Faux leather is also typically known as pleather or leatherette and this is cheaper as well as much versatile compared to other real leather. However, it does not come with the same quality.

Types of Faux Leather
There are a total of two types of faux leather or man-made leather. These types include polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
• Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC- This type of faux leather is made with the process of adding dye and plasticizers to PVC. Due to that, this is more flexible and gives a natural color.
• Polyurethane- Unlike PVC, this is made through coating a fabric including polyester or cotton with flexible polymer. Then, once it was treated, it will look like an animal hide.
Both types of faux leather can be used in creating upholstery, product covers, and clothing. But, you have to take note that each has particular applications in which it can perform much better. For instance, since PVC leathers are not breathable unlike PU leathers, it is less commonly applied for clothing and for surfaces that contact one’s skin directly. However, although it is not good in some stuffs, PVC is best suited for cases of electronic devices or books. PU leathers are more flexible, longer, and softer. That is the reason why it commonly used for creating high-wear products including luggage.

Faux Leather VS Real Leather

Faux leathers look different from the real leathers in various ways. These also feel and smell different. Real leathers typically have irregular, visible pores, various forms of patterns, and rough edges once these are folded. Faux leathers, on the other hand, don’t have those characteristics. Although these may have printed pores, but in general, these don’t come with repeating patterns. The edges are also typically smooth and plastic-like. Real leathers also feel buttery and smooth, but faux leathers feel like vinyl or plastic. The smell between those two also differs since the real leathers have distinctive smell and the faux leathers smell like plastic.


Faux leathers have numerous advantages. These can be made in various colors or texture, which will surely meet one’s preferences when it comes to their fashion statement. With this advantage, no matter what your fashion statement is, you can be assured that faux leathers will provide you satisfaction. Other than that, faux leathers are known for their durability. In comparison to other fabrics, they don’t easily fade and can be cleaned quickly because of its texture.

Although faux leather does have the same quality with the real leather, getting products that are made of this can be a good option. With its price, you can be assured that this will meet your needs for your own preferences in fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Get faux leather products now and see the difference!

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