Custom Made Layered-Skirts

custom-made-Layered-SkirtsLayered skirts are a classic piece of clothing for girls of all ages. This can be attributed to the fact that they add a tinge of naughtiness without losing the element of innocence associated with this style of clothing. Conventionally made of three tiers, which end just above the knee (the latest varieties in style fall till the ankle) making it an absolutely brilliant fashion choice for people looking for fun clothing as a leap towards no nonsense style of dressing.

They generally use cloths like light-weight cotton, knits, linen, satin, etc making it probably the most appropriate choice for summer as it’s airy, summery, and can be sported easily for a casual day out with friends, to grab a much needed weekend break, or just a regular day out shopping. It’s a must have clothing item to add that extra zing in your otherwise monotonous wardrobe!




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