Custom Made Circular Skirts

Cotton-circle-skirtCustom made Circular-Skirts – Widest Hip measurement up to 55″ (Small and Large) with back zipper, skirt falls in a Circular shape from the waist down.

A circular skirt derives its name from the cut that is used to make it, that is, a simple circle cut from fabric. These kind of skirts were introduced in the late 1940s after the Second World War but became really popular in the 1950s. It looks charming in all possible fabrics, colors and prints. One could experiment with floral prints, animal prints, solid prints or just play with different colors and patterns. A monochromatic one with a band of a contrasting color looks no less swanky.

The size of the skirt too can vary, from small to medium to ankle length depending upon the fancy of the consumer. The skirt would be classified under the casual attire however can be incorporated into other styles too by using it creatively. Due to the simple fall of the fabric, this skirt is suitable for all body types, shrinking the middle and enhancing the curves, giving the body a more balanced, hourglass look.




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