Custom Made Draped-Skirts

Brown-draped-skirtCustom Made Draped-Skirts- Widest Hip measurement up to 55″ (Small and Large), skirt falls in drape shape to the front, with a wrap, back remain straight with zipper and no split/lap.

Draped skirts are usually made of a very soft, flowyee almost clingy material that has layers of fabric stitched in a way that it forms ‘drapes’ or elegant little curtain like fall over the basic structure of the skirt thus making it one of the most graceful piece of clothing you’ll come across.

It’s a figure hugging apparel that beatifies the feminine curves and gives the wearer a balanced silhouette. It’s best worn as a formal or semi formal attire with fell fit blazers, jackets and cardigans or can be worn in a dressy way. These skirts can be of one solid color or of a sober print and suit all body types since its fitting gives a slimming effect to the body. These gorgeous skirts have been tried and tested by celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ali Larter and its time you make a statement with your very own customized one!




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