Custom Made Godet-Skirts

custom-made-Godet-SkirtsA godet skirt is a very different kind of a skirt that has little triangles (called Godets and hence the name) inserted between its seems, near the bottom hem. This gives it a bell like structure, a graceful flair and enhances the movement of the wearer.

Light weight material like cotton, silk and linen is usually used to have ends that sway while walking. The length of these skirts can vary. They come in all sorts of patterns and colors and if in a mood to experiment, the color of the godet can be kept different from that of the skirt. A flowery print in a soothing color would surely give the outfit a feminine touch. These skirts are flirty and best suited for a date, informal gathering or pleasant outing. Similar skirts made from a stiffer material can be incorporated into the office wear. It suits the pear figure the most, although advisable for all body types because it gives slimming affect and takes away the attention from problem areas to the hemline.




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