Custom Made Mermaid-Skirts

Custom-made-Mermaid-Skirts2011 to 2012 was the year of mermaid style outfits, a trend which has glided its way into 2012 as well. a favorite among celebrities in gala awards and red carpet appearances, mermaid styled gowns, minis, flares and especially skirts are a must have in every girls’ wardrobe. It accentuates a person’s figure, falling right in the required places thus giving a curvy shape to the figure, and thus making it an extremely sensuous piece of clothing.

A dark mermaid skirt paired with a white or pale shade shirt can double up as a glamorous yet formal outfit for office. Play around with bold colors and see mermaids skirts do the magic for you, helping you assemble the perfect outfit for a hot date or to prepare for a special occasion you’ve been looking forward to!





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