Custom Made Mini-skirts

Custom-made-Mini-Skirt_2Probably the most controversial skirts of all, as suggested by the name itself, miniskirts shot into popularity due to their rebellious and flirty nature. Usually said to be adorned by sports women, miniskirts came to be an integral part of London’s fashion scene in the 60’s, emerging as a favorite among teens, pre-Teens and young women.

A hot favorite in both haute couture and street fashion, miniskirts are a breath of fresh air somewhat distanced from the usual conservative style of dressing people usually follow. Seen as a sign of liberation, mini skirts are usually paired with leggings so that they do not appear very suggestive, yet bring in a fun element in dressing and are most appropriate for a casual night out with friends at a bar or a pub. So if you’re feeling adventurous, then mini skirt is the thing to go for!




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