Custom Made Pleated-Skirts

red-pleated-skirtsPopularly worn by cheerleaders in chick flicks, pleated skirts are basically skirts which have the material doubled upon it and then it is either pressed or permanently stitched into pleats. Belonging to the eras of 50’s and 60’s this skirt is still very fondly worn in fashion circuits.

Material like cotton-polly blend, wool blend and charmeuse are fabrics usually used in their manufacture. These skirts look crisp and smart in a wide variety of colors and combinations, prints, patterns checks and stripes. They suit women of all age groups and make the outfit end up looking very classy. There are a large number of variations observed even within pleated skirts. There is the narrowly pleated accordion type, the more sophisticated and broader knife pleat, box pleat skirts etc. These usually suit women with a petite build or a more or less straight figure because they add volume to the body.



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