Custom Made Straight skirts

custom-made-straight-skirtStraight skirts are tailored to fit at the waist and hang straight from the hips and so the name. They might be cut at just below the knee and usually have a slit or pleat at the back to give room for movement. These skirts are evergreen and are always seen everywhere no matter how much the self appointed gods of fashion declare it to be ‘out.’

Appealing to wear and available in a number of colors, these skirts are a ‘must have’ for the trendy, working woman. They are versatile in terms of what all they can be teamed up or worn with and prove to be a very essential apparel in the wardrobe. Stiff materials like cotton, polyester, tweed are usually recommended though finer fabric like silk and satin make up for good party wears. It suits the hourglass figure the best. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have often made red carpet appearance in these marvels of fashion. A straight skirt is not a clothing item you buy; it’s an investment you make for your wardrobe.



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