Custom Made Wrap Skirts

custom-made-wrap-skirtsAs suggested by the name itself, wrap skirts are basically in the form of a single cloth without prominent stitches. This garment is to be wrapped around the waist to get the desired flow. Originally flowing in nature, fastened with a bow, this style of skirts has seen amazing changes to keep up with the latest trends like the pencil skirt inspired cut, Naturally, the style is not going out of vogue anytime soon. These skirts compliment a girl’s femininity as they’re elegant while being modest, thus making even the most mediocre outfits look pretty.

The sizes varying in short, medium and long, can be used for almost any casual occasion: fun, flirty, conservative or sexy. It definitely gives the person carrying it off an edge over the others, as it’s not a conventional choice among women. So go ahead, wear that wrap around you’ve always wanted to, and see yourself in a whole new avatar!




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