Custom Made Yoke-Skirts

custom-made-Yoke-SkirtsYoke-Skirts, Also called the hip yokes, the yoke style of skirts drew its inspiration from the men’s clothing style with ruffles to accentuate the shoulders and chest. The yoke skirt style which saw its advent in the 40’s, drew inspiration from the puffy stitching style, thus leading to the creation of yoke dresses and skirts. This style is an all time classic and recently saw its revival in the retro style of dressing which went viral in the past decade.

Characterized by subtle pleats, yoke skirts are usually accessorized with a fancy belt, stash or tie to give it that extra dash of much deserved glamour while keeping it natural. Yokes are comfortable, chick and probably one of the most inspirational and sensational dressing styles a girl could have in her wardrobe! If you do not mind giving a shot to a novel dressing idea, toke skirts might just right up your alley.




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